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Print Posted on 02/01/2017 in Tech Media

What is a Technology Directory?

What is a Technology Directory?

Technology directory is a place where you will find all there is to know about technology. It can include technology companies, technology devices, and other useful information. There are different sorts of technology directories. Read further to find out all the details.

A Technology Company Directory

One of the most used types of Technology Directory is that referring to companies. It lists companies related to technology with contact information and a brief about its mission and specialization. A Technology Directory is more commonly found by niche. For example, you can get a directory of audiovisual integration companies, medical specialized technology companies, and others.

A Technology Company Directory is usually published by an association. The affiliated companies get their data in the directory. The publisher can offer the alternative of getting a bigger space or even an ad to get more people interested in the given company. There is a fee associated with these services, and only the largest companies will take it. Such services can also be purchased by manufacturers, who may or may not be part of the association, but have a close relationship with it.

The geographical scope of a Technology Company Directory may change. There are times in which the listed companies belong to a particular state, while others they Directory has a national scope. When the Technology Company Directory is published on the Internet, it can have a worldwide extension. When that happens, it is usually optimized with a user interface to allow easier searches.

For searching in an online Technology Company Directory, there is usually a set of fields. The most commons are:

  • Geographical location.

  • Segmentation, such as further specialization and type of clients they take.

If you are looking for information about a company to provide you technology services, you can consult a Technology Company Directory.

Technology Directory of Terms

Another type of Technology Directory is the one listing terms related to technology. It is of the most use to professionals working in any technological company. Non-related people will find it of most use to further understand technical jargon, which can be incomprehensible to uneducated individuals in the technological field.

As it happens with the Technology Company Directory, the Technology Directory of Terms can refer to a particular niche of technology. One of the most common directories of terms is the IT Directory (Information Technology Directory). It has all terms used to talk about IT systems, explained to you.

Other names for a Directory of Terms are Glossary, Dictionary, or Directory of Definitions.

Other Information contained in a Technology Directory

Other information you can find in a Technology Directory are related organizations. This includes:

  • Associations

  • Conference venues where technology events take place

  • Government offices related to technology

  • Industrial parks

  • Magazines

  • Technology incubators

  • Venture capital funds

  • Schools

  • Universities

Other related information you can find are:

  • Certifications related to the technology industry

  • Links to reports related to the technology industries

At times, the Technology Directory includes links to related associations, such as the medical field, construction industry, defense, transportation, and others.

Digital Directories vs. Printed Directories

A hard copy of some Technology Directories when they publish information about companies is distributed to the subscribers of the publisher. However, printed editions are being replaced for digital lists quickly. People no longer consult paper, since it is easier to perform an online search. That is why most associations who gather information to publish a Technology Directory do it online.

Particularly in technology related companies, the use of online sources is more common. For other industries, the adoption of Digital Directories versus Printed Directories has been slower. However, by now, most people involved in technology are using the digital option.

The online version of a Technology Directory has many advantages over a printed directory. It is not just about the green transformation because all the paper for printed copies is saved. It has to do with the ease of use. Some of them advantage of a digital directory are:

  • Easier to update anytime.

  • Friendlier user interface.

  • It is portable, as you can access to it whenever you have an internet connection.

  • The information gets indexed by general Search Engines (like Google).

  • The unlimited space to save information.

  • The possibility to use a Search Engine to find information faster and more accurately.

Some publishers have opted to add apps for mobile devices as a variety of Digital Directories. They pose the same information that the online versions that are accessible through a web browser. The advantage of a downloadable app is that it can save information to work even when you are offline.

Such apps are getting over the only disadvantage of Digital Directories when compared to Printed Directories, making the information available offline. That is of most use when you need to check information while you travel.

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