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Print Posted on 10/10/2017 in Digital Marketing

How to Expand Your Blog And Grow Your Business

How to Expand Your Blog  And Grow Your Business

Blogging can be a rich and rewarding pastime, as it is a great way to reach out to an audience of like-minded individuals on a regular basis. However, at some point, you will want to monetize your blog and expand it in some way. But for this to be truly profitable, you need to offer unique content and bring in a larger audience to consume it.

There are many ways you can update the content or services of your blog for a bigger return, for example: 

Sell Relevant Products.

Some people will tell you that selling stuff on your blog is a cardinal sin. They also tend to be people without a profitable blog. Traffic can only get you so far when it comes to AdSense and other ways of making passive income, to make your blog truly profitable you will likely have to turn to offering a service or product to do so. 

Be sure to create the relevant product page for your services, separate from the main content of your blog. Link to it periodically and use social media to promote your services, you can even offer discounts for blog users! 


Now, this is a content strategy which many bloggers have turned to more and more over the years. As podcasts are often a commuters prime choice for listening and consumed by an ever-growing audience, you could reach a much larger audience using this audio format. 

The content in your podcast can be a simple audio version of your latest blog. Or you could choose to be even more attractive to your audience by offering interviews with industry experts, snippets of industry presentations and other such unique content. There are a number of options for the more creative podcaster, it just depends on how far you are willing to go. 

In terms of monetary value, you can actually find sponsorship and adverts for your podcast from businesses. The increased traffic can also work to gain you better passive income on things like Google AdSense. 

Video Content

This is along the same line as a podcast, as adding a vlogging aspect to your blog can open your content up to a whole new audience. Some people simply choose to consume their information in a visual way and this can be a detriment to your blog - but not if you start creating videos. 

Not all blogs make this a viable option. A blog on accounting, for example, is hardly going to need a video to help visualise the content on the page. This is certainly a more creative blog’s best chance at gaining a bigger audience.

Of course, being on-screen isn’t for everyone but it can expand your blog in a speedier way. You never know you could even become YouTube’s next big sensation and leave your blog behind altogether! 

An App

If relevant to your blog's niche or content, then taking part in some mobile app development can massively increase the draw of your blog. For example, a blog about gaming can easily expand its audience by creating a fun mobile game app to go alongside it. The process may seem complicated, but the tech savvy of the world could easily do this themselves. 

You could even make an app simply for your blog content, as it enables your audience to access your stuff at all times - online and off. For engaging your audience at all times, this is a great option as it means you can act as a constant resource. 

This is, by no means, a comprehensive list of how to expand your blog, but it is a start. Often, finding a unique selling point for your niche is the best and most efficient way to expand your blog quickly. So, don’t shy away from researching your niche and the competitor blogs you are up against. See what they do and work out a way to do it better! Soon your blog will have expanded past your wildest dreams. 

Be Found Where Others Are

Niche Business Directory listing and Article posting on websites related to your business are still great ways to place your blog and business where businesses related to yours are. By doing so, other clients searching through the network are likely to find your business, also this happens to be useful to your website search engine optimization.

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