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Print Posted By Made2B Custom Phone Case on 08/30/2017

Killer tips guaranteed to increase your blog traffic!

Killer tips guaranteed to increase your blog traffic!

Simply put you have to make content people want to read. Then you have to reach out and engage with new potential readers.

Even if you think your an awesome writer there is still room for improvement. Use apps like Grammarly and Hemingway App to improve the readability of your blog posts.

Content is king

Research your articles well. Add relevant photos and charts, infographics and even gifs. Better to spend the time making one killer article than 5 mediocre ones. Everyone can create a mediocre blog article. But, if you want a successful blog go above and beyond to make the content worth reading and rewarding for those who do.

Look on Yahoo Answers, Quora and any other similar sites for questions in your niche. Then answer them with killer blog posts, then share that info in the forum to answer the questions there.

Rank with good SEO

Check your SEO for the blog page. Use correct meta title, page title, relevant URL,  H1, H2, H3 headers, alt image text, video etc.

Make good use of keywords, and take time to make killer blog titles.

Look for trending topics in your niche using a tool like Buzzsumo.

Evergreen articles

Spend more time on evergreen articles. Unless you're a big site you will struggle to compete on news articles.

Dedicate 75 or 80% of your articles to evergreen articles until you start getting good traffic.

Make sure you do SEO research for all articles. Tools like SEMrush, SEOprofiler, Ahrefs and many more have a free basic account and are fairly good.

If you don’t have a lot of domain trust and ranking then start of trying to rank for long-tail keywords and low competition high traffic keywords in your niche. This will make it easier to target the big keywords later.

Once ranking your evergreen articles will be the bread and butter articles that will direct many new readers to your site.

Check the ranking for your current blog posts. Then write follow up blogs or go back and rework and update old blogs with new content to help them rank better.

Social media to attract new readers

Open social media pages/accounts for your blog on sites like Facebook. LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, etc.

If you don’t have time to manage them all yourself and can't afford to hire someone then focus on the ones with big groups in your niche. You can also use something like Buffer to automatically share your new articles and blog posts when published.

Share your new posts on social media, on your own pages and on relevant groups. Use them in answers to questions on Reddit and even forums like Quora, Yahoo Answers, and other sites.  This will also help to establish you as an authority in your field.

Blog on other sites and build backlinks

Doing a round-up of news from around other blog sites can be a good way to create quick content. If you share or reference a blog site or writer then they will be more receptive of publishing or referencing an article of yours after. Just make sure you have good content.

Write for other related blogs in your niche and ask them to share a link back to your blog. If it is a good article many sites will be happy to do this.


Keep working at it. Blogging and doing it well isn't easy, as I have found out myself running my own blog, https://made2b.com/blog/. But, if like me, you enjoy writing and your chosen niche it can be very rewarding, especially when you start to see those killer blogs rank.

Hope this helps you out and good luck.  

Author Bio

When not blogging about tech trends James is busy juggling a job in online marketing with taking care of his boisterous dog Charlie and launching made2b.com, a business selling made to order custom phone cases.

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